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About Us

Transforming Education Through Educators

mindSpark Learning – formerly known as Share Fair Nation – is a nonprofit dedicated to elevating educators and igniting teaching through game-changing professional learning experiences.

We know that amazing innovation in education is taking place in pockets across the country. As a whole, however, we believe the education system has not adapted to the times, and therefore cannot adequately prepare all students for what lies ahead. Our mission is to change that.

We provide highly-engaging professional learning and development throughout the country, in the three areas most relevant to education today: Knowing Your Learner, Instructional Practices, and Creative and Digital Experiences.

Our learning experiences are developed for educators, by educators, with a focus on pedagogy as well as implementation. Programs are developed and facilitated by exceptional educators from around the country.

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thinkSpace is home to mindSpark Learning, and a place for educators to collaborate, create and innovate. Both share a commitment to scaling innovation, and the belief that the most impactful path to transforming education is through educators. The majority of what happens at thinkSpace is a physical manifestation of mindSpark Learning’s work.

The mindSpark Learning Team
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“The ingenuity, creativity, and problem-solving solutions that were evidenced in each presenter left our faculty on fire.”

- Instructional Coach, Orlando

“… an amazing hands-on experience for teachers of all grade levels and subjects. The presenters are experts in their fields and provide great learning experiences to take back to the classroom.”

- Fifth Grade Teacher, Michigan

“The More than Sad presentation was enlightening and informative. I hope never to have to use the information but will be prepared if the situation arises.”

- Curriculum Coordinator, Southeast Colorado

“These sessions not only reminded me how much I love teaching but also gave me tools for my toolbox going forward. The Learner Profiles session was dynamic and very applicable. I loved the mindfulness session as I think the tools and practices can aid me personally as well as professionally.”

- Administrator/Teacher, Denver

“I am so inspired and my wheels are spinning out of control with so many ideas… My only complaint is that I didn’t get to see more presentations because there were so many I wanted to see!”

- Teacher, Kansas

“I love how Share Fair Nation always treats teachers as REAL PROFESSIONALS, which they are... but not everyone seems to recognize that. Thank you!”

- K-8 Administrator, Denver

“I used the information that was presented both in the classroom and with colleagues. The understanding not only allowed growth for students but myself as well. Keep the great presenters coming for future classes.”

- Teacher, Lamar

“Loved loved loved all of the tech resources!”

- K-8 Administrator, Denver

“You all rock. The power is in the people and their passion that fuels the work. It is felt and appreciated.”

- Teacher, Denver


Innovative Customized Professional Learning and Development

Our work began eight years ago as a one-day event to teach educators how to use technology in the classroom, and for teachers to share learning with one another. Today, we offer a variety of professional learning and development solutions to meet individual needs.

In addition to our signature events, we develop and implement custom programs for schools, districts, and other education-based organizations throughout the country, collaborate on needs assessments, work to expand computer science instruction as a partner with, and much more.

We recognize the uniqueness inherent in any education environment, and thus work collaboratively to provide customized solutions. Our involvement ranges from providing a specific piece of programming, to designing and implementing multi-year programs. Each experience developed is based on real challenges of time and budget, and honors different learning styles.

With each event or program we develop, our ultimate goal is impact. Thus, we partner with a third party organization to evaluate impact over time.

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would be likely to recommend sessions attended


applied their learning or had a plan to do so*


shared their learning or had a plan to do so*


believed students had benefited from their learning*

* Average impact reported 5-7 weeks after an event.

Talent Index

Educators Expanding Impact Beyond Their Schools

One reason mindSpark Learning is able to offer such highly customized professional learning solutions is that our team of program designers and facilitators runs broad and deep.

We are grateful to collaborate with highly accomplished professionals from across the country – well-regarded, well-vetted, and often well-known – who share our commitment to scaling and expanding innovation in education. Collectively, the ultimate goal is to increase student engagement and preparedness for the modern workforce.

mindSpark Learning is always in the process of vetting new candidates to add to our distinguished group, as there are so many more talented educators who have the ability to create impactful contributions beyond their classrooms or schools.


If you believe that you or someone you know might be a good candidate for consideration in our Talent Index, please let us know why by completing this form.

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A Taste of What’s Coming Up

Tuesday July 11, 8:00am-4:00pm

Geek Camp

Location: 455 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226
If you’re interested in hands-on, in-depth, learning about today’s most talked about and best-loved technologies, don’t miss this year’s annual Geek Camp learning event. Geek Camp is teaming up with mindSpark Learning to facilitate a highly-interactive, fun-filled day informed by the latest experiential technologies including virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing, Google Apps for Education, and more.

More Details
Thursday July 20, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Recharge to Restart

Location: 455 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226
Before the next school year starts, treat yourself to a little time to recharge and rethink. Join mindSpark Learning, keynote Sylvia Theisen, colleagues and friends (old and new) for an event focused on supporting educators (you!) for the coming year. Celebrate what’s working for you as an educator, make a plan to impact what you might like to change, and get the tools you need to do just that. Then top it all off with happy hour!

More Details
Wednesday July 26, 9:00am-12:00pm

Learn + Play = Together with mindSpark Learning (Teachers, Bring Your Children!)

Location: 455 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226
Much has been said about the benefits of educators and students learning side-by-side. Join mindSpark Learning for a morning of professional learning paired with student learning – the students being your own children, grades K-6. This event focuses on fun and engaging learning, with opportunities to engage with technology, science and art. Examples of learning activities include coding, robotics, gaming, animation, 3D printing, virtual reality, gardening, art projects and science experiments.

More Details
Date to be Confirmed

Google Level 1 Bootcamp

Location: 455 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226
Join EdTechTeam and mindSpark Learning for two full-day bootcamps providing participants with official Google Certifications for educators. These bootcamps are designed for Colorado educators who desire certification as a Level 1 Google Certified Educator, and will help them prepare for the certification exam.

Dates to be Confirmed

Google Level 2 Bootcamp

Location: 455 S. Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226
Join EdTechTeam and mindSpark Learning for a full-day bootcamp providing participants with official Google Certifications for educators. This bootcamp is designed for Colorado educators who desire certification as a Level 2 Google Certified Educator, and will help them prepare for the certification exam.

Contact Us

To learn more about our mission and how we may be able to help with your PLD needs, complete the form below, or contact Matt Pickering: or 720 799 8563.

For information about thinkSpace contact Gordon: or 303 963 5390. To book meeting space, click here.

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455 S. Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80226
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Team & Board

The mindSpark Learning Team

Anne Nickless Kerlin

Director of Events

Brandon Petersen

Director of Professional Learning: Creative and Digital Experiences

Chip Law

Chief Financial Officer

Christine Tomasik, NBCT

Chief Learning Officer

Dana Cohen

Director of Communication and Research

Gordon Davidson


Jeanette Ryan

Chief Impact Officer

Joel Kaplan

Director of Marketing

Kellie Lauth

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Lisa Harper

Director of Professional Learning: Instructional Practices

Matt Pickering

Chief Solutions Officer

Ross Sellers

Content Specialist

Our Distinguished Board of Directors

Anna Kimsey Edwards

Vice Chair; Chief Advocacy Officer and Co-Founder at Whiteboard Advisors

Bridget Coughlin Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer at Shedd Aquarium

Carrie Morgridge

Board Chair; Vice President of Morgridge Family Foundation

Denise Gitsham

Principal at 7 Second Strategies

Geof Rochester

Managing Director at The Nature Conservancy

John Bennett Ph. D

Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation Initiatives, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Colorado Denver

John Farnam

Secretary; Community Investment Liaison at Morgridge Family Foundation

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